Tyrannosaur is the story of Joseph (Peter Mullan), a man plagued by violence and a rage that is driving him to self-destruction. As Joseph's life spirals into turmoil a chance of redemption appears in the form of Hannah (Olivia Colman), a Christian charity shop worker. Their relationship develops to reveal that Hannah is hiding a secret of her own with devastating consequences for both of them.

'Tyrannosaur'' is the first feature length film to be entirely written and directed by Paddy Considine. The film is an a feature length sequel/expansion on the charachters and storyline of his BAFTA award winning short ''Dog Altogether'.

The role of Joseph is again taken by Scottish actor/director; Peter Mullan (Session 9, Trainspotting, Braveheart, My Name is Joe) who was hand picked by Paddy to play a role loosely based on Paddy's late father. Mullan is a winner of several BIFA and BAFTA best actor awards. Brit comedy darling Olivia Colman (Peep Show, Green Wing, Hot Fuzz) who has already worked with Paddy on Dog Altogether, Le Donk & Scor-zay-zee and the hit British comedy film 'Hot Fuzz' was approached again to play the part of Hannah (Dog Altogether's; Anita). Completing the trinity of great actors for the film is Eddie Marsan (Happy Go Lucky, Vera Drake) who's character is introduced newly as part of the expansion to the Dog Altogether cast as Hanna's Husband.

Giving an interview to Empire, in early 2008 Considine said Tyrannosaur was going to be "…about a woman leaving an abusive relationship. But it’s not your run-of-the-mill, kitchen-sink drama, there are bits and pieces in there that hopefully make it a little bit different...".


  • Paddy Considine

Main Cast:

  • Peter Mullan - Joseph
  • Olivia Colman - Hannah
  • Eddie Marsan - James
  • Sian Breckin - Samuel's Mum
  • Julia Mallam - Dunk Girl
  • Ned Dennehy - Tommy
  • Sally Carman - Marie
  • Paul Popplewell - Bod
  • Piers Mettrick - Man in Pub
  • Samuel Bottomley - Samuel
  • Archie Lal - Post Office Cashier
  • Lee Rufford - Terry
  • Paul Conway - Dan
  • Vicki Hackett - Woman Viewing House
  • Fiona Carnegie - Woman in Charity Shop
  • Robin Butler - Jack
  • Lee Rufford - Lee

Killer Quote:

[Hannah] God loves you. You're God's child.

[Joseph] “God ain't my f*cking Daddy, my Daddy was a c*nt. But he knew he was a c*nt. God still thinks he's God. No-one's told him otherwise.”


25 wins & 14 Nominations
British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA):
  • Outstanding debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer (Considine/Scrimshaw)
    British Independent Film Awards (BIFA):
  • Best British Independent Film
  • The Douglas Hickox Award [Best Debut Director]: Paddy Considine
  • Best Actress: Olivia Colman
    Evening Standard British Film Awards:
  • Best Actress: Olivia Colman
    London Critics Circle Film Awards
  • The Moët & Chandon Award - British Actress of the Year: Olivia Colman
    International Press Academy Satellite Awards:
  • Best First Feature
    Sundance International Film Festival:
  • The World Cinema Award for Directing: Dramatic
  • World Cinema Special Jury Prize for Breakout Performance: Peter Mullan
  • World Cinema Special Jury Prize for Breakout Performance: Olivia Colman.
    Nantucket Film Festival:
  • Best Writer/Director
    Munich Film Festival:
  • CineVision Award Outstanding Debut Feature.
    Voices Festival of independent European Cinema, Russia:
  • Voices Festival Prize: Best Film
  • Best acting prize: Olivia Colman
    Dinard British Film Festival, France:
  • The Golden Hitchcock: Grand Jury Prize/Ciné+ Award
  • The Allianz Award: Best Screenplay
    Chicago International Film Festival:
  • Silver Hugo for Best Actress: Olivia Colman
    Zagreb Film Festival, Croatia:
  • T-Com Audience Award: Best Film
    Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Greece:
  • Fischer Audience Award (For a film in the Open Horizons section)
    Mar del Plata Film Festival, Argentina:
  • Jury Special Award
  • Silver Astor for Best Screenplay
  • Argentine Film Critics Association ACCA Award
  • 2nd place SIGNIS (World Catholic Association for Communication) Award
    Stockholm Film Festival, Sweden:
  • Best First Feature
    Kermode Award:
  • Best Actress: Olivia Colman (Shared with Tilda Swinton)


    The character of Hannah is loosley based on a woman that Paddy met through his research into Christianity as preparation for his role as Phil in 2004's My Summer Of Love.

    This is Paddy's fourth project to date working with Olivia Colman. The first being 2007's Hot Fuzz where they met, followed by Dog Altogether in the same year and more recently Le Donk & Scor-Zay-Zee in 2009.

    This is the third time that Paddy has worked with Peter Mullan, Red Riding: 1980 being the only non-Dog Altogether project the two have worked on together.
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