One off period crime drama The Summer of Mr Whicher is based on a true life story about Inspector Jack Whicher of the newly formed Scotland Yard detective department investigating a horrific murder in 1860 in a small village in Wiltshire.

On a beautiful sunny morning in 1860, the inhabitants of the sleepy Wiltshire village of Rode wake up to a shocking discovery. Behind the shuttered windows of the Kent family’s elegant country house, a horrific murder has taken place. As the local police struggle to find the culprit, the case becomes a national scandal, and Inspector Jack Whicher – the ‘Prince of Sleuths’ from the newly formed Scotland Yard detective department – is sent to the countryside to solve the crime. When he arrives, Whicher soon finds that the Kent investigation will be the most challenging of his career.

As he tries to crack the case, he faces the prejudice of the press and the public and must also deal with the inept local police force. To bring the killer to justice, Whicher must delve into the tragic secrets of the Kents’ house to find the crucial evidence and reveal the guilty party.

Paddy's role:

Inspector Jonathan Whicher, drawn into a world of corruption and sleaze.His case was to proves to be the most difficult of his career. Behind the seemingly respectable middle-class façade of the Kent family, he discovers adultery, insanity and jealousy in a world populated by gossiping servants, a wicked stepmother and rebellious kids. With the local police actively working against him, it’s a struggle for Whicher to find the evidence and nail the culprit.


  • James Hawes

Known Cast:

  • Paddy Considine - Inspector Jonathan Whicher
  • Peter Capaldi - Samuel Kent
  • Tim Pigott-Smith - Commissioner Mayne
  • Alexandra Roach - Constance Kent
  • William Beck - Dolly Williamson
  • Ben Miles - Dr Stapleton
  • Kate O'Flynn - Elizabeth Gough
  • Emma Fielding - Mary Kent
  • Donald Sumpter - Peter Edlin QC
  • Tom Georgeson - Supt Foley
  • Charlie Hiett - William Kent
  • Lucy Scarfe - Elizabeth Kent
  • Ben Miles - Dr Stapleton
  • Ben CromptonN - William Nutt
  • Richard Lintern - Sir Henry Ludlow

Killer Quote:


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