Dog Altogether is the story of Joseph (Peter Mullan), a man who is plagued by a violence and rage that is driving him to self destruction. As he falls further into turmoil Joseph scours the landscape in search of a single grain of redemption that might restore hope to his fractured life.

'Dog Altogether' is the first film to be entirely written and directed by Paddy Considine. The term 'Dog Altogether' comes from an Irish expression that Paddy's father used to use when situations got really bad.

The lead role of Joseph is taken by Scottish actor/director; Peter Mullan (Session 9, Trainspotting, Braveheart, My Name is Joe) who was hand picked by Paddy to play a role loosely based on Paddy's late father (also called Joseph). Mullan is a winner of several BIFA and BAFTA best actor awards. Brit comedy darling Olivia Colman (Peep Show, Green Wing, Hot Fuzz) fills the supporting role as Anita, Olivia, already having shot British comedy film 'Hot Fuzz' with Paddy was approached to play the part due to her suitability for the role.

Paddy states "DOG ALTOGETHER was made out of necessity. I'd contributed ideas and improvisations to other people's movies and decided it was time I established my own voice. I went through a period of resenting acting and I think it had a lot to do with not having control over the final presentation. I don't have a single director that I could name as an obvious influence, but DOG ALTOGETHER is definitely born out of the Ken Loach/ Alan Clarke movies I watched as a kid. There's a frightening authenticity about their work, and that was the thing that struck me. They were telling stories about people that I knew. Gary Oldman's NIL BY MOUTH was hugely influential. You watch it as an actor with a sense of resentment because the performances are so brilliant. You wish that every director could get those results out of actors, but they can't. He's a brilliant director. I was hoping that I could make up for my shortcomings as an actor by applying myself behind the camera. DOG ALTOGETHER is the first of many films that I will write and direct. As I get older and uglier, I'll definitely be spending more time behind the lens."


  • Paddy Considine

Main Cast:

  • Peter Mullan - Joseph
  • Olivia Colman - Anita
  • Karl Johnson - Jack
  • Paul Popplewell - Pub youth 1
  • William Ruane - Pub youth 2
  • Aston Kelly - Pub youth 3
  • Mahesh Soneji - Man in Post Office
  • Gaurav Soodan - Youth in post office
  • Osman Mohammed - Youth 1 (Beating Up)
  • Umer Mohammed - Youth2
  • Patricia Machugh - Barmaid
  • Dominic Curran - Kid in Street

Killer Quote:

[Anita] "What's your name?"
[Joseph] "...Robert De Niro"
[Anita] "Would you like a cup of tea Robert?
[Joseph] "No!"


5 wins one mention. Won: BAFTA award; Best Short Film, BIFA (British Independent Film Award); Best short film, Venice Film Festival: Silver Lion for Best Short Film,Seattle International Film Festival Short Film Jury Award (Narrative Special Jury Prize), Edinburgh International Film Festival; 2nd place for Best British Short. Festival Premiers Plans (France); Best original score in a short film (Chris Baldwin).


Dog Altogether completed a hat-trick of awards honors in February 2008 when it picked up a BAFTA Award for best short film to accompany a BIFA award and Venice Film Festival Silver Lion for best short film. The short also received nods at Seattle and Edinburgh International Film Festival with a 2nd place mention in the shorts category, and the film also received Best Original score in a Short Film at the Premiere Film Festival (France).

The term 'Dog Altogether' comes from an Irish expression that Paddy's father used to use when situations got really bad. Additionally 'Dog altogether' was the working title for what later became 'Dead mans Shoes'.

The film cost £60,000 ($120,000) to make.

Producers include Mark Herbert, producer of 'Dead Man's shoes', 'My Wrongs...' and 'This is England' and Diarmid Scrimshaw producer of Paddy's Arctic Monkeys music video 'Leave before the lights come on' and 'This is England'.

The credits for the film include a thanks to both Shane Meadows and Gary Oldman (Oldman originally agreed to produce 'Dog Altogether' having reading the script).

Shooting is was originally to take place in Considine's home town of in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire. But but actually took place in Glasgow on Jan 22nd 2007 due to heavy Scottish funding.
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